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Sounds for Sure does not sell musical instruments itself, but we do have a favorite music store that we partner with. Are you looking for a musical instrument? Then click on the Thomann button below. Plenty of choice, competitive prices and fast delivery.
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My instruments

>Ibanez TMB100 Bass Guitar - Tri Fade Burst

They no longer have this model bass guitar in the same colour, but they still have it in three other colours. Click on the picture to watch it at Thomann.


>Crafter SA-TMVS Vintage Sunburst

A hybrid guitar with two pickups (Lipstick en L.R. Baggs), allowing it to sound both electric and acoustic or blend in between. This guitar is no longer available new. Click on the image for more info at the official Crafter site.

Click for more info on the official Crafter site.

>Meinl Snarecraft Cajon 80 Almond

If you want to play drums, but don't have room for a drum kit or you are looking for a relatively small instrument to play all kind of rhythms, a cajon is a very good option. I have bought the cajon below and can enjoy it for hours. Click on the picture below to check out this cajon on Thomann.

Meinl Snarecraft Cajon 80 Almond

>Line 6 SPIDER III 15 Watt Combo Guitar Amplifier

This is the amplifier I use for my electric guitar. It has many built-in effects and distortion. This model is no longer sold, but Line 6 has several good affordable amplifiers. Click on the image to view them on Thomann.

Line 6 SPIDER III 15 Watt Combo Guitar Amplifier

>Warwick BC 10 Bass Combo

I use this small but very pure sounding bass amplifier for my bass guitar. Just a very good device for this price. 10 watts is really enough power for at home. If you want, you can make the neighbors vibrate in their seats. Click on the image to view it on Thomann.

Warwick BC 10 Bass Combo


>RAV Vast B Onoleo

A RAV Vast is a so-called steel tongue drum. It is a fairly special instrument from which you can extract beautiful sounds, comparable to a handpan or hang drum. B Onoleo is how they call the key in which the copy I have is tuned. You have different types of it. Here you find a video on which a RAV Vast B Onoleo is being played. Click on the image to view the RAV Vast on Thomann.

RAV Vast B Onoleo

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