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(Item no.: 606)
Label: Scare Crow
Released: 2001

Limited edition; incl. interactivated bonus trip

No-no-no, this ain’t NO punkband!!! Understandably everybody who don’t know this band get fooled by the name. So won’t it be smart for this band from Wittem (I think it’s a hamlet somewhere in the very south of Holland) that they change their name (slightly)? Because a lot of people think now you’re playing punk, even those who might like your music. But that’s maybe a conscious goal of this band. Because they don’t have a really transparent and easy accessible sound and their carreer is also a bit vague. With its debut ‘Champagne Pigs’ (1996) they made some kind of alternative metalgrunge with Swedish elements (Alice In Chains meets Eleven Pictures with in a metalsauce). And their follow-up ‘Jazzmonster’ (early 1999) was even a more estranged kind of metal and quite undefinable. After that record it became very silent around this band. But suddenly there is this sort of minialbum (?) with livetakes from the VPRO Radio, the only Dutch public ánd alternative broadcaster. Recordings which are also dated from 1999. It contains 7 tracks, of which ‘Hide’ (quite Alice In Chainsy-like), ‘Taste’ and ‘Champagne Pigs’ are from their debut and the other 4 tracks are from ‘Jazzmonster’. So, no new songs. Instead, there is a pleasant, yet a bit vague videoclip on this album from ‘One On The Dead’. The music itself is still hard to describe: somewhere between rock and oppressed metal. Especially because of the conspicuous way of singing by Kay – a sort of screeching grunt with a hot potato – it’s not very easy to get into their music everytime I start listening. But when I arrive at the second track Transpunk’s self-willed music starts to enslave and will be finally good enough to close my eyes and let me float into their infectious trancebanging riffs.

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1. [Data track] 22:45
2 Spunk 3:08
3 Spread the sickness 5:13
4 One on the dead 5:04
5 Hide 4:45
6 Taste 3:05
7 Phantom 4:26
8 Champagne pigs 4:47
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