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Label: Eli
Released: 2009


”8 DAYS is a brand new recording and showcases the might of the current, pop-inspired Calvin Party. Swinging like a particularly malevolent wrecking ball around Cathy Brooks' bulldozer bassline and Howard Jones' pounding drums, it comes on like the bastard son of The Sweet's Glam classic 'Blockbuster' and I Am Kloot's 'Life In A Day' and is brawny and energetic in all the best possible ways. It also clocks in at barely two minutes, so the “oh, I need to hear that again pronto” factor soon comes into play.”
(Tim Peacock, Whisperin & Hollerin)

"Nice and sleazy, self loathing blues rock, with enough frayed edges, bumpy bass and clippity guitar to give it an interesting feeling and one of excitement. There's something very catchy about these northern upstarts, reflecting part Modest Mouse vocal melodies, part stomping blues and a shed load of attitude. Beautiful."
(Joe Gant, Artrocker Magazine)

”On 8 DAYS Calvin Party are back to their powerful, stripped back origins with a short slam of bass and guitar, that all sounds like the Doctor Who theme tune being spun around at a Fall convention. The track smells of something brewed in a north Manchester cellar in 1977, yet it’s the fractious, post-Cure, rusty pop of “Just Keep Falling” that’s the real gem here. This second track has the superb, uplifting spirit of shimmering new wave.”
(Parker Knoll, Manchester Music)

“JUST KEEP FALLING keeps the band's pop quota fulfilled, a snappy chorus amidst the Pavement-esque guitar work and insistent drum beats; a song Calvin Party champion John Peel would have been proud of.”

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pop / rock
1. 8 Days
2. Just Keep Falling
3. Let’s Go – Go Happy
4. Come Bleed!
5. Lies Lies & Government (3)
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