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Label: FDH
Released: March 2009 (Limited to 100 copies)
Country: USA

Biography Mangled Bohemians
We formed in the fall of 2007 in the basement of Ma and Pa's Market downtown as an abrasive noise 4 piece under the name 7 foot tapeworm. This formation quickly dissolved and left just guitarist James Lee and noise provocateur Ryan Shoptaw to fill in the gaps. So far we've released an LP under Seattle's Aphonia record label, are awaiting the release of our upcoming split record with Lunch with Beardo, and are currently on a tour of the west coast. While we are a 2 piece we do encourage collaborations and other future band members. [EXPRESSWAY TO YR SKULL] Almost anyone can ape the early, noise-without-the-pop-hooks ambience of Sonic Youth, but few bands get it just right. Local duo Mangled Bohemians falls on the very experimental end of the post-punk spectrum, but its compositions reward the patient, active listener. What might sound like mere gurgles and fuzz in the background comes alive in headphones and onstage, where the volume is pumped up a notch and the noise hits your gut just as much as your brain. MICHAEL MANNHEIMER. Mangled Bohemians are an intensely atmospheric two-piece band featuring massively effected guitar and electronics. Mining heavily from the post-punk tradition of the likes of Glenn Branca, Savage Republic, Heathen Earth era Throbbing Gristle, and Sonic Youth's SYR releases, Mangled Bohemians create long spacey drones that melt into beautiful washes of ambient noise. While a Portland OR group all the way, their new album Degeneration is on Seattle's highly prolific experimental label Aphonia Recordings. -Ricardo Wang

Check: Mangled Bohemians

Check: Lunch With Beardo

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psychedelic / noise / post-punk / post-rock
Tracks 1-3 performed by Lunch With Beardo:
1. The Overpass
2. Wormburner
3. Bird at Black lake

Tracks 4-5 performed by Mangled Bohemians:
4. Death Rains Back a Hail of Crystal Skulls
5. Lunacy
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