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Label: And Also The Trees
Released: June 8, 2009

Acoustic album of And Also The Trees.
Yes, a new album from one of the greatest bands in history. This band has an own sound which is difficult to describe. A little bit of a jazzy wave. The music fills the room with a great relaxing atmosphere, not like in a tripping way but in a summer-evening-hammock way.
But I was critical; recording songs from other albums, but this time acoustic, is risky. You can disturb the balance between songs, but on the other hand this CD is a bit like a best-of, only the songs aren’t identical with the songs on the former CDs. I have to admit that I was surprised. This album starts with a slow version of Virus Meadow. It’s completely different from the original sound of this song. I would almost say that this band has covered one of their own songs, it’s certainly not bad but I prefer the original version. A song like Fighting in a Lighthouse is just a pleasure to listen to. The sound, the rhythm, the atmosphere, you just have to hear this song on a lonely afternoon !
I was most curious to hear The Street Organ. This song is originally from the album Farewell to Shade (an album I surely recommend), and it’s almost impossible to improve that song. But it had almost succeeded, it’s a very good acoustic version. My favourite song is A Room Lives in Lucy, so romantic and painful at the same time. The album ends with a tragic When The Rains Come and leaves you behind with a calm and relaxed feeling.
Listen to this and you’ll drown in a sea of beautiful sounds.

Reviewed by Michiel Klompen

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post-punk / alternative
1. Virus Meadow (4:33)
2. Dialogue (3:11)
3. Fighting in a Lighthouse (2:46)
4. Mary of the Woods (2:07)
5. Jacob Fleet (4:07)
6. Candance (3:35)
7. Mermen of the Lea (3:21)
8. The Dust Sailor (3:52)
9. The Street Organ (3:39)
10. Vincent Craine (6:03)
11. Stay Away from the Accordion Girl (3:16)
12. There Was a Man of Double Deed (3:23)
13. A Room Lives in Lucy (3:51)
14. When the Rains Come (3:22)
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