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Label: Tonecity
Released: June 15, 2009

So the ‘Godlike geniuses’ The Cure are now back on the Radar of a new generation of music fans, thanks to The NME. If this retrospective appreciation sticks, then Black Poets could be just the band to bridge the gap between the 1980’s post-punk Gothic rock scene and the present. Yes we have Interpol, but these boys are British!

Black Poets are Gerard Lecain (Vocals/Guitar/Songs), Stephen J Good (Guitar), Billy Randall (Bass), and Ben Muckenschnabl (Drums). Although there is no doubt that the New York sound forms a massive influence on this band, Black Poets also hold a flag to British 80s bands like Kitchens of Distinction and The Smiths, with a hint of alternative acts like Logh and The Appleseed Cast.

Innocents and Thieves was produced by Pete Abbott (Editors/ Guillemots/ Athlete/ Spiritualized) by creating an album using nothing but 70’s and 80’s analogue equipment the band have given this album genuine personality, and reinforced the roots of their music. It was then given a modern twist by renowned mastering engineer John Davis (White Lies/ Bloc Party/ Kaiser Chiefs).

So what separates Black Poets from their contemporaries? The band feel it’s Stephen J. Good’s guitar sound, which leaves the listener not with the monotone cocktails of Lecain’s structural guitar parts, but with the virtuosity of more traditional old school acts such as Sabbath and Jeff Beck.


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1. (Intro)
2. Mistakes
3. Point of Reason
4. Naivity
5. Paris 1932
6. Amnesty
7. Innocents and Thieves
8. You Fade Away
9. Low Level Clouds
10. Modern Movement
11. Irene
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