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Label: afmusic
Released: April 7, 2008 

The Search is a new wave band from Sweden and they surprise with a very accomplished third album which straight away has a nice atmosphere in single minded songs such as ‘Distant’, ‘Swimmer’ and the impressive ‘Woman in the Corner’. You will easily be able to trace influences from bands like The Cure and New Order and with this the band perfectly connects to the current revival of new wave and postpunk bands, with flag carriers such as Editors and Interpol. The Search however has a more authentic 80’s sound compared to these bands. The atmosphere in the songs is mostly quite light-footed. Razmig Tekeyan has an excellent voice. Some of the songs, like ‘Distant’, ‘Swimmer’ and ‘Song for a Boy, Friends with Toys’ lean over towards pop music and sound somewhat more slick than the others. A song like ‘Netherworld’ reminds strongly of The Sound and the last songs on the album, ‘You Seek Approval in the Wrong People’ and ‘Yes-Man’ are truly sublime, done with so much passion. The Search has managed to deliver with a sound of their own which is firmly rooted in the 80’s and is used to create a new wave album with pop sensibilities and some really strong songs. Highly recommended to fans of new wave music. The recording has been released by the download label AF Music in cooperation with the German Danse Macabre label.

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indie rock / pop / new wave
1. Distant
2. Swimmer
3. Woman in the Corner
4. Rapunzel
5. Netherworld
6. Other People
7. Jester
8. Saturnine
9. Sleeper's Cache
10. Song for a Boy, Friends with Toys
11. You Seek Approval in the Wrong People
12. Yes-man

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