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Label: Mutantjasz
Released: 2006

Sometimes it takes a while to get airplay and Sophya is a good example. After two albums released in 2001(The age of Sophya) and 2003 (Dream) the song 'More' was picked up by Dutch Vpro radio and the videoclip was seen on MTV. 'More' is the opening track on Sophya's new album 'Third wish' and compared to the previous releases certainly the most familiar song on the album. Sonja Rozenblum, Idan Karutchi and Mario Usai have succeeded to evolve their sound with more influences, but also to keep their own typical atmosphere alive.

Sophya took all the time they needed working on this album and so can be heard. They manage to combine their typical sound of guitar and keyboards with a fresh mood. Still melancholic, but also cheerful and some more the experimental kind, like the instrumental titletrack in two parts. They even manage to keep their own musical identity in the coverversion of 'Transmission' without losing the original spirit of the song. The idea for this version came up on a night when they were enjoying a good glass of whiskey, listening to Joy Division, which reminded Sonja of singing the song years ago and they decided to record it for the new Sophya album.

Most of the tracks were written by the band together, working out ideas of Sonja and Idan, and like before the lyrics match perfectly to the music; not always a very positive perspective, but with hope and wishes for better times, like '16 rings' (to get rid off bad memories), 'To tears and flowers' (also in a remix by Tejo Bolten of Mecano as bonustrack) or 'Orchidea' (sung by Federico Caputo of Letatlin). A shadowgraph is heard in 'Stare' sung by Idan and with 'More', 'Transmission' and 'A crack in the sky' one of the best songs on the album.

Who appreciates a melancholic and dark wavesound with lots of other influences, will like this album. 

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1. More 5:11
2. Fifty Four 4:24
3. A Crack in the Sky 6:41
4. A New Life Story 3:54
5. Orchidea 4:20
6. Third Wish - Part I 1:54
7. Faith 5:30
8. Transmission 3:32
9. Stare 4:18
10. To Tears and Flowers 6:33
11. Sixteen Rings (For a Memory) 3:53
12. Third Wish - Part II 6:21
13. To Tears and Flowers [Mecano Remix] 4:45
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