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From a musical discovery to a vinyl release - Feeding Fingers & Sounds for Sure

In September 2007 I was looking for some cool new music releases on the American site, when I bumped into the album “Wound in Wall” by Feeding Fingers (USA based at the time). After playing a few of their songs I was instantly hooked. Both the singing voice as well as the music itself reminded me strongly of The Cure from the early eighties.  And The Cure sadly happened to be the band that had continued to disappoint me ever since their 1992 album “Wish”. Feeding Fingers, at that time, felt like a welcome replacement. It seemed to me that they picked up from where The Cure had left it. Other influences from the era obviously transpired through Feeding Fingers’ music, but nevertheless they also managed to create their own unique sound.     

I contacted Feeding Fingers trying to obtain their CD for a reasonable price. That was the first time that I got in touch with Justin Curfman, who appeared to be the one and only guy behind the recordings of “Wound in Wall”. Justin arranged for a multiple purchase discount and by ordering a batch it would also reduce the shipping costs per unit.

Following these negotiations, I introduced “Wound in Wall” on the Dutch site, where I was an active user at the time. I tried to get the interest of other users for Feeding Fingers and the album so I could get the CD’s at low costs. A number of fellow music lovers got enthusiastic and some of them actually wanted to buy the CD. I contacted Justin for his sharpest offer for 10 CD’s which I then purchased from him in one go. I kept one cd for myself and the other ones I resold at cost price to the Dutch fans. After that, even more people wanted to purchase the CD and again I ordered a batch of 10 CD’s. In this way, I managed to sell quite a number of copies of “Wound in Wall” for Justin.

All this was even before I founded “Sounds for Sure”, but it certainly had contributed to the fact that soon afterwards I started with this online store.
Justin and I stayed in touch from then onward. In January 2008 I started with Sounds for Sure and all of Justin’s following CD releases were part of its catalog too.  

In 2010 Justin and his band travelled to Europe. During this short tour they also did a gig in Holland and at that concert we both met in the flesh. Later in that year, Justin emigrated to Germany. This brought him into a difficult period and it became somewhat of a struggle to start writing for a new album.

It wasn’t until 2013 that Feeding Fingers released “The Occupant”. The year after that, they toured Europe again, including Holland. Justin and his then two band members, Daniel and Brad, hung out for a while at the “Sounds for Sure headquarters” i.e. my home and surroundings.

By then I also had turned Sounds for Sure into a record label to allow me to occasionally release an album. This had started with my assistance for the release of a CD by Dutch band Cradle (later on Cradle FC) after their retreat as a band from the music business for a couple of years. Shortly after, in 2009, I released a CD of Reptile71, an old project of my own.  
The webshop had shifted from selling new and second hand CD’s to selling mostly second hand vinyl LP’s. I myself had re-discovered vinyl records which was the reason that eventually it also became my main focus for the webshop.
It will not be a surprise that my one wish was to get the chance to release a vinyl recording on the Sounds for Sure label!

The relationship with Justin had intensified since our last meeting. He very much involved me with his latest project named “Attend”, initially set out to be a double LP.
It was great to watch this project evolve from within. I got bitten by the bug right away. With the previous album “The Occupant”, Justin already moved away from his early work and started experimenting with various styles and instruments. He continued this direction with “Attend” with the use of alternative instruments and experiments with different styles of music. Guest musicians made it possible for him to explore ancient instruments like the Erhu (two-stringed Chinese fiddle) and the Pipa (Chinese lute).

Justin was determined to record 25 songs for “Attend” and in the second half of 2015 he concluded the project. However, he desired to release this new album on vinyl and because of the large number of songs this would end up in a triple album. His endeavors to interest a label for the project, soon resulted in finding out that no-one in the industry really dared to invest in a triple LP by a relatively unknown artist.

When I found out he was looking for a label, I started to research the possibilities. What could I do to aid him? I pondered over who else might be interested and willing to invest and contacted some other small labels, however to no avail. At last, I took it up on my own, pushing back the possible limits to make this dream come true. My budget did stretch me out for a great deal of the project, but financing it entirely by myself was a bridge too far. Fortunately, Dana Culling, Justin’s friend and producer, was willing and able to contribute as well.

And that’s how Justin Curfman’s Feeding Fingers’ new album will become a Sounds for Sure release. The first ever release on vinyl for Sounds for Sure: “Feeding Fingers - Attend”, a limited edition triple album release on clear transparent vinyl, manually numbered, pressed in an edition of 250 copies.

  Paul     15-11-2015 22:07     Comments ( 2 )
Comments (2)
 Paul -  17-02-2016

Dank je wel, MJ! Het was erg spannend. Ook omdat vinyl zo kwetsbaar is en de kwaliteit zo enorm kan verschillen. Ik ben dan ook heel blij als ik mensen lovend hoor over het eindresultaat. Ik ben daar heel kritisch over en hield mijn hart vast toen ik de testpersingen hoorde (de eerste heb ik afgekeurd). Gelukkig is het eindproduct erg mooi geworden en kwalitatief ben ik ook tevreden. :-)

 Maria Jo Neef (okkibox) -  16-02-2016

Respect, Paul. Dat je dit aangedurfd hebt en wel met een bijzonder fraai eindresultaat. Hulde uiteraard ook aan Justin en alle anderen die aan dit album hebben meegewerkt. Het album ziet er fantastisch uit, het vinyl klinkt prachtig. Ik steek deze keer mijn bewondering niet onder stoelen of banken, want ik ben razend enthousiast over deze release en draai dit album momenteel dag in, dag uit en de mooie muziek verveelt nog steeds niet.


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