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See below for our Record Grading System.

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Record Grading System

The condition mentioned is related to the vinyl itself. Any specifics on the sleeve condition (and/or the vinyl) will be mentioned at the product information. When there's no extra information on the sleeve it's in very good condition.
Most pictures are not from the item itself but album cover pictures taken from the internet.

All vinyl plays without skipping, unless the condition is graded 'poor'.
If it doesn't then contact us, you can return it and you will get a full refund of the amount you paid for the particular piece of vinyl and the shipping costs. 

Standard white innersleeves will be replaced when necessary.

New means that the vinyl and sleeve are new and in mint condition.

This is the highest grade that I will assign to opened, handled (used) records. The vinyl is virtually flawless, bright and shiny. A very minor, barely visible scuff or two may be permitted, but no scratches. The lp should play with no audible noise. The label is bright, clean and unmarked. These records are as new, or even better than that!

The record plays near perfectly, but may have minor paper scuffs that do not interfere with the sound quality. There can possibly be a hairline scratch or two but nothing that is obvious or effects play. Vinyl is bright and shiny; label is clean and unmarked. A lot of record sellers will grade these records as 'near mint'. Often they are indistinguishable from new.

Some visible surface wear, very minor scratches and scuffs, but minimal impact on the sound quality. Vinyl will still have good luster; labels may have minor imperfections (small labels or initials, etc. which will be mentioned at the product information) but otherwise clean.

Vinyl may have noticeable scratches or scuffs that cause minor surface noise, but do not overpower the music. There will be no skips. Vinyl may appear somewhat dull and grayish. Labels may have small tears, tape marks, larger writing, etc. but still easily legible. There may be wear or deformation of the spindle hole.

Well-played, dull, grayish vinyl with deeper scratches and wear causing distracting surface noise (hisses, pops, cracks and other nasties). The record will still play through without any skips. Labels may be significantly defaced or damaged.

Unless the record is particularly rare, most of the time we don't try to sell records in this condition. Usually when records are graded poor there will be major noise, surface damage, deep scratches, and skips. Attempting to listen to these discs will be painful.
Note: On Sounds for Sure vinyl records are already graded poor when they skip only one time or keep repeating at one place while the rest of the record plays excellent! When a record is graded poor we will always do our best to describe what's wrong with it under the Information on the particular item.

More about grading records (Dutch only)

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